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Our objectives
Traditional house Mosorel - pension tourism and ecotourism offers hosting services for eco tourism - active; cultural tourism caused by the desire for knowledge and culture by visiting museums, attending cultural events (performances, festivals, traditional festivals, cultural exhibitions); The most beautiful sights in Transylvania can be found here: obiective- tourism - Transylvania
You can try adventure tourism - cycling (cycling through nature), climbing (escalation), tourism spelunking (cave visit), observing flora and fauna.
Active tourism that we hope that most of you prefer combines adventure, recreation, ecotourism and cultural aspects of a journey of discovery and involves traveling to areas that need protecting biodiversity and preserving culture, which includes important elements of recreation and education, action, exercise and active involvement in the company of a mountain guide with specific training.
In considering how active tourism arem sightseeing, tourists attitude and activities that occur during the journey environmentally responsible.
Our Eco tourism - includes active travel to destinations where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the main attractions. This type of tourism involve initiatives to promote respect for nature and biodiversity, recycling, water reuse and creating economic development opportunities for local communities.
Tourists can come here for recreation and leisure, spending the holidays in rural areas, consumption of natural household products our villagers or neighbors.
Here you can contact with local traditions and customs, as well as participation in specific agricultural activities.

About village Magura
Located in the National Park - it is a quiet and peaceful mountain village scattered on hills in Transylvania; I can impress the locals by kindness, diligence and their's simplicity.
You can spend a few hours in the village along with sheep, horses, cows, grazing quiet behind wooden fences among houses scattered on the hills, perched at 1000 m altitude, between apple trees and country roads you can meet with other tourists astray the streets admiring the landscape …

Cazare Magura3 Cazare Magura4 Cazare Magura5 Peisaje Magura6 Peisaje Magura7 Peisaje Magura8 Peisaje Magura9 Camere Magura4 Piatra Craiului Magura2 Piatra Craiului Magura3 Piatra Craiului Magura4 Magura1 Magura2 Magura3 Magura4 Magura5

Magura village is not an easy accessible area, but even so, the tourists made their way here, and holiday homes and boarding began, slowly, slowly, to rise ..
If you choose to make a mountain trail follow these rules: Always notify someone, guesthouse owners, the chalet where you live, what to do next route.
Make sure you have appropriate equipment, map with trails, some food in ruxac. Choose the route that suits you best not venture not overreach powers! Make sure you have enough water from you for all your route, water sources are rare or even nonexistent in the top of the mountain! Take your backpack with various packages and other debris, do not throw them on the mountain!
During the trip using official trails marked with conventional signs! Admire flowers but do not break!
Respect the tranquility of nature and other visitors Do not light the fire than in campsites and tourist cottages in the neighborhood where this is allowed in fireplaces specially designed for this purpose!
We offer guided mountain tours - 50 euros / group 1-4 persons, 160 euro / group 8-15persoane or guided tours by reservation observatory bears and transport - 55euro-65euro / person; trip can last 4-6ore;
In 1990 Piatra Craiului Mountains National Park is said, in 1999, and starting Biodiversity Conservation Management Project. 2200 m altitude exceeds care about is facing a highlander Almost the entire group and alpine species, typical Carpathian chain, to find optimal conditions for development here. Existing forests, rocks, debris and marsh grasslands mesh Botanical A special favors maintaining diversity. National Park has a rich bird population, represented in 109 imp The species identified until today its territory, from this point of view KNOW area ideal for bird watching. Among them are more strict about species protected by the Berne Convention imp - Convention for the protection of wildlife and the habitatelot Europe Natura (. Law No. 13 of 11 March 1993)
Massif - limestone - mountain range is a "blade" of sharp rocks and steep sedimentary limestone building, Long approximately 24 - 26 km wide and about 6-8 km. Piatra Craiului Mountains is the maximum altitude reached Peak Peak in humans, known as Baciului AND Peak, 2,238 m advance. The average annual temperature of 0 degree logged AROUND version of the c, IAR version highlands descends from -2 ° C. Winds Are Near Permanente determined a position isolated massif. Rainfall prevails in May and June. UNICE species are found here Flóra World version and fauna, some of which, like Åsa Garofiţa ridge (Dianthus callizonus) KNOW famous. Other species are protected Flower (Leontopodium alpinum) AND Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea). Among the species of animals find Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), declared monument of nature, deer, boar, Carpathian bear, lynx, fox, wolf, squirrel.
In Piatra Craiului Mountains you can find trails for beginners, less spectacular but demanding.

Piatra Craiului Magura2 Piatra Craiului Magura3 Piatra Craiului Magura4 Magura1 Magura2 Magura3 Magura4 Magura5

We recommend Prăpăstiile Zărneştilor, approximately four kilometers spectacular rocks what path steep walls surrounding heights up to 200 meters and are sometimes covered with clumps of evergreen and patches of moss. IF you time, you can visit two of the tourist attractions of Main canyon, cave Great Cave ravines and chasms Minor.
Another attraction in the area is the Bat Cave (Cave Badichi) houses rare species of bats. Scientists believe that the cave should be kept away from prying eyes to protect various rare species of bats living here; however it is open to visitors and has the status of national natural monument being registered in the Special Protection Area of the park Stone Park. It is situated at an altitude of 950m on the platform Bran village Cave; cave measures 162 m in length, the interior modeled various limestone formations called "tears of the earth" and is divided into different colored rooms that have ceiling; If you decide to visit the cave we recommend either protective clothing and a flashlight to light your way; inside there was no electricity not to disturb the mammals that live their life here.
Trails on the mountain - Massif is crossed by over 30 hiking trails, some of which are reserved only for experienced mountaineers. Most tourists choose to begin your adventure in Piatra Craiului in Zarnesti, which can be reached in just 45 minutes by train, bus or car in Brasov.
Access to the southern part of the mountain is made of Dâmbovicioara the national road Pitesti - Brasov. Routes in Piatra Craiului Bran start and, in Cave village in Magura village or the village Şirnea. Trail Ridge
Northern ridge - cottage Curmatura Crapaturii Saddle Peak Tower, Saddle Padinei inch Padina Kings Peak area refuge from sharp point - 3 -3: 30h
Refuge from the pointed tip Timbalul Mare Peak, Peak Baciului (top human), Saddle Grindului - 2-3h
Southern ridge - Saddle Grindului, long mane, saddle bottoms 3-4h
Route Zarnesti - Zarnesti Curmatura by 2: 30-3: 30h
Trails are taken from the website: where you can find many other great tracks .